jeremy Vandermeer

Pastor Jeremy joined Centrepointe in February 2016 and is excited to become a part of this church family and to serve in North East Edmonton! Jeremy is passionate for people to discover their identity in Christ, and so thankful for the gifts of grace, community, and this beautiful world. Jeremy grew up in the greater Vancouver area, the eldest of four children. He and Julie were married in 2006 and have two children: Caleb and Isabel. He holds a MDiv degree from Regent College in Vancouver. For rest and leisure Jeremy enjoys reading, gardening, hockey, running, playing with the kids, and good dinners.

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myrna wilson

Myrna started as part time pastoral staff in September 2015 after a long time membership in Centrepointe Church. Over the years she has volunteered in ministries for children, women, worship, prayer, and leadership. She is eager to serve by sharing her passion to seek God’s heart, leading individuals to discover the truth and wonder of his love, goodness, and healing power. Myrna ministers in a variety of retreat settings and is a Spiritual Director meeting one on one with adults and children. Myrna was born and raised in Edmonton where she also married Tony and raised 4 children. After working as an RN for 13 years she took courses in healing prayer, Spiritual Direction and holds an MTS degree from Taylor Seminary in Edmonton. For rest and leisure Myrna enjoys gardening and many outdoor activities like biking, hiking and kayaking. She also loves long walks with friends and family, board games, music and reading.